About THE BOOK...

Let's face it, weight management isn't easy. But losing weight and keeping it off is possible, even likely, with the right tools. I wrote A Size That Fits for people who know how to lose weight but can't seem to keep it off. My clients and readers aren't lazy; many of them know a lot about diet and exercise, and they are successful in many areas of their lives. Yet, maintaining a healthier weight sometimes seems like an impossible feat.

Most people who are overweight need only a little education on diet and exercise to be successful. After that, what determines if they will follow the advice of their doctor, dietitian, or personal trainer? A Size That Fits helps readers navigate successfully through the difficult environment we live in, the thoughts that derail us, and the waning motivation that causes us to drift away from our health goals.

The book equips readers with tools to persist during difficult times, set realistic goals and think differently about slips. I've counseled many wonderful people over the years and I share their stories to help readers with their weight journey. 


Book Chapters Include:

  • The Writer's Journey

  • Missing The Forest for the Peas: Finding the Right Weight Loss Plan

  • It's All About Motivation...Or is It?

  • Pay Attention!

  • Redefining Pleasure

  • Letting Go of Emotional Eating

  • Our Environment

  • The Link Between Thoughts, Emotions, and Behavior

  • The Bad Smell of Stinkin' Thinkin'

  • Change Your Mind

  • Good Goals With or Without Clothes

  • Relapse Prevention

  • Someone is Watching--and You Want Them To

  • Your Recipe for Success

  • True Stories