Weight Management: It's Not Always Exciting

We’ve ALL been waiting on spring to finally arrive. Last Thursday we were teased with a beautiful evening, which could’ve caused a few of the regular Avon support group attendees to forego the meeting. For those of you who came out, thank you! I loved seeing some familiar faces and always enjoy my time with Deb Nelis, the insightful leader of the group. If you live in the Avon area I highly recommend the group, and consider a YMCA membership there—it’s super nice.

Here are my two main takeaways from my time with the fine people in Avon:

It’s Not Always Exciting

Let’s be honest, maintaining weight loss can get a bit tiresome and may even seem a little boring. Developing health routines and saying “no” to foods that most people say “yes” to can lose its appeal over time.  It’s easy to forget how bad you used to feel , the compliments eventually come to a halt, and it’s easy to drift back to old behavior. The commitment can become stale, like a passionless marriage or a job that is no more than a paycheck.

We Must Sprinkle Motivating Activities into our Commitment

Just like couples who have a regular date night or companies that schedule team building, we need things to occasionally spark our zeal for health and fitness. It may be training for a sporting event, completing a 6-week step challenge, or joining an accountability group. It may be as simple as attending ONE support group. We don’t have to focus on a monumental achievement to feel more motivated. Keep it simple. Just the other day I cleaned out my messy car with the help of my 8-year-old son. He told me at bed time that was the best part of his day. Poor kid! Actually, it was the best part of my day too—I got to spend time with him and we both felt a sense of accomplishment. That little achievement has motivated me to tackle some other small projects at home.  I loved how several people at the Avon support group told others what they would accomplish over the next month—amping up exercise, cooking more at home, and modifying snacking habits, just to name a few.

Thanks for the great evening. Stay tuned, Kokomo is next!