A Reflection

What Would Happen If I, If We…

Tried harder to make people feel loved than to point out their mistakes.

Forgave others as fervently as we hope to be forgiven.

Placed a higher value on dealing out goodness than getting a good deal.

Examined our beliefs about a higher power as much as we clamor for political power.

Were more concerned about fixing what was broken than blaming the person who broke it.

Girded ourselves with life-giving character as carefully as we carry deadly weapons.

Shined a light with a smile instead of cursing the darkness with a scowl.

Noticed each others' strengths and ignored trivial imperfections.

Worried more about helping those in need than protecting what we've earned.

Valued wisdom more and looked at wrinkles less.

Respected those who hold their tongue as much as those who demand to be heard.

Searched for words to make it better above words to prove we’re right.

Truly tried to understand a person’s point of view that was different than our own.

Were slower to anger.

Viewed compassion as strength.

Marinated honesty in love and trimmed off the sharp edges.

Laughed at ourselves as easily as we laugh at others.